The World According To Bliss – Nicole Coward

A Songbird Strong Enough For Love

Nicole EPWith the approach of the August 23rd release of the Strong Enough For Love EP by Nicole Coward I grow anxious for the public to enjoy the same musical poetry and simple story telling in song that I have always enjoyed by this beautiful Songbird. Following Nicole’s career over the last year has been an absolute joy for me as a writer, a musician and a woman. Fearless in her commitment to her art and integrity as an artist. Unapologetic in her decision to keep her music simple and expressive. A role model for women everywhere as a true example that you don’t have to sex it or shock it to share it with the world and make it have a strong impact.

Beautiful Flower is gripping, haunting and powerful. An expression of the fragility and the endurance of womanhood. Night-Time Sunshine is a sweet and fanciful offering that shares how it’s the simple things that make life and love beautiful. Pussywillows Cat-tails for me is a shining example of her folk roots. As a Canadian girl I spent many of my formative lnicole 1istening to many Gordon Lightfoot folk songs. Her lovely rendition of this song is reminiscent of some of those cultural gems I enjoyed as a child. Seasons proves that a voice, an instrument and something to say is enough. A gloriously pure and simple pleasure. Through My Window, another melodic poetic piece that brings peace to the mind and the soul while listening.

nicole with guitarThe title track Strong Enough For Love is my favourite track on the EP and the stand out, stand alone, stand strong song. The poetry is moving and meaningful. Easy to identify with on a very personal level. The music brings the rich folk history into the 21st century in a comfortable and compatible way. Rich in tradition, it still has an essence of contemporary that makes a wonderful variation to modern music. Oh, and I love singing along. Who doesn’t love a song that makes you just want to sing along.

Nicole Coward’s EP Strong Enough For Love is an overall breath of restorative fresh air.

The CD is available for digital download on August 23rd, 2014 and the CD Release Event is being held on September 7th, 2014 at 6:30pm at Junction City Music Hall in Toronto, ON.

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